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Why Pakistani Students Are Leaving To Study In Australia?

It can hurt you, but everyone knows that Pakistan’s conditions are not good, and with the passage of time a lot of new issues are rising. Recently, in 2022 more than 175k young people leave Pakistan. Just studying is not a reason, but most people don’t move to a developed country, but they left Pakistan for Arabic countries to work as a laborer.

But in this article, we will discuss why Pakistani students are leaving to study in Australia.

About Australia

Australia is a developed country and it has great opportunities for educated people. Australia is a big country regarding its area but if we compare its area with population it’s very less. But Australia has a top-notch education system that invites students from all over the world.

There are some reasons why Pakistani students are leaving for Australia.

Education Standard

The Australian education system is considered in the world’s best education system and its universities are the world’s best. 

Bright Future

It does not just provide you with the best education, But it has a lot of jobs for students after completing their degree and they can earn a good amount by doing full-time jobs in their relevant industries.

Developed Country

No Doubt Australia is a developed country and it has a lot of opportunities for the people there, as compared to Pakistan. Mainly they have very good wage rates which are also attracting our community.

Expenses Are Manageable

Living in Pakistan, Most Families can’t support you. So you have to earn and do everything by yourself. So there is nothing better than Australia because you can manage everything here as:

  • Tuition Fee
  • Rent
  • Grocery
  • And Other basic needs
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While you can also save some money. You will also be able to buy iPhone easily, which is the dream of every android user in Pakistan. 

Mental Stress And Other Issues

Pakistan has fewer opportunities and the youth don’t have any aim to do because their education doesn’t have enough value. With the increase in living expenses, many middle-class guys are mentally stressed so they left their homeland to have a better and happy life.


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