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First Woman Jill Biden Scoffs At Suggestion Of A Psychological Competancy Check For 80-Yr Previous President – News

​Jill Biden says the idea floated by GOP presidential hopeful Nikki Haley that any politician over age 75 undergo a psychological compentancy check is a nonstarter.

Talking as we speak on CNN’s State of the Union, Jill Biden stated her 80-year-old husband Joe would “by no means even focus on” such a factor, branding it “ridiculous.”

The feedback had been made by Jill Biden in a snippet launched Sunday. The complete interview will air on CNN Monday at 9 PM ET.

Jill Biden pointed to the president’s latest journey to Ukraine as proof of his stamina and focus.

“What number of 30-year-olds might journey to Poland, get on the prepare? Go 9 extra hours, go to Ukraine, meet with President  Zelensky?” she stated. “So, have a look at the person. Look what he’s doing. Look what he continues to do each day.”​

Joe Biden is reportedly gearing up for one more presidential bid in 2024. If elected, he can be 82 at inaugeration.