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8 Health Coaches Supply Their Greatest Tricks to Construct a Higher Bench Press

The bench press. It’s one of many authentic ceremony of passage workouts that many lifters spend numerous—oftentimes too many—hours towards perfecting. If you’re a newbie, you almost certainly carried out two fundamental workouts—biceps curl and bench press. Then, the love affair begins.

The bench press is an upper-body powerhouse transfer—it builds energy, muscle, and energy within the chest, shoulders, and triceps due to a few components.

  • The mounted vary of movement and the comparatively straight urgent path means that you can carry heavier weight.
  • Plus, mendacity on a weight bench offers you the soundness to make this all occur.

Throughout this quest to create increasingly more 1RMs, plateaus and soreness will finally occur. You get caught and may see no means out of your bench press purgatory—eight coaches who love the bench press as a lot as you provide you with professional suggestions to enhance it.

Now, the following pointers are designed so that you can strive just some directly to seek out what works for you. In the event that they do nice, you may have discovered an answer. If not, strive the subsequent one to see in case your bench press efficiency will lastly bust via its plateau.

Blissful benching.



Kevin Mullins Jr, CSCS, B.S. Kinesiology, College of Maryland, Director of Product Improvement – The St. James

For years, powerlifters, energy athletes, and bodybuilders have been utilizing grip-fattening instruments to extend the demand on the forearms and, in some workouts, the biceps and triceps throughout main lifts. And it really works.

But, many miss out on the advantage of utilizing Fats Gripz on their bench press—a standard mistake because you aren’t precisely “gripping” your dumbbells or barbell throughout urgent actions a lot as you might be underneath the load fulcrum.

Nonetheless, utilizing a fatter grip level can dramatically enhance pectoral muscular recruitment throughout your bench press – an epic trick of the commerce to stimulate hypertrophy or enhance muscle recruitment earlier than a extra maximal effort.

Methods to do it:

  1. The physique possesses one thing generally known as the “irradiation idea,” a scientific precept that states that muscle contraction in a single place impacts contraction in different areas. In its easiest clarification, your complete physique is linked to enhance complete power manufacturing and distribute stress equally and appropriately throughout numerous muscle methods. Wonderful for max effort deadlifts, squats, or stealing a brand new pullup PR…
  2. Not so useful to focus on (isolate) muscle tissue and create a better sensation.
  3. Having the ability to wrap your total grip round a barbell or dumbbell will increase the recruitment of the triceps and forearm tissue – thus eliminating among the load positioned upon the shoulder complicated and, in the end, the pectorals.
  4. The fattened grip handles lower your potential to make the most of the decrease and higher arm muscular tissues and switch extra power into the pectorals, lats, and posterior deltoids (throughout the reducing part). This may boost your coaching impact with no need so as to add extra weight.

For muscle progress: Strive three units of 8 to 10 repetitions with a 4-2-1 tempo (eccentric, isometric, concentric) in your subsequent flat or incline bench press. Go lighter and emphasize the sensation of breakdown as a substitute of merely transferring the resistance.

For energy: Strive 5 units of three repetitions at 80% of your 1RM to extend sensation and kinesthetic consciousness. Press in the identical method you’ll execute your bigger lifts and relaxation roughly 45 seconds between the Fats Grip model units.




Allan Bacon, Ph.D., an internet private coach specializing in coaching powerlifters and physique composition purchasers

In order for you an even bigger bench, take note of your ft! Perfecting leg drive on the bench press means that you can be stronger, preserve the higher again place, and defend your shoulders concurrently.

How Use Your Toes For a Higher Bench Press

  1. Discover snug foot placement. This may both be with ft flat or urgent via the ball of your foot.
  2. “Screw” or lock your ft into the ground.
  3. Whereas holding your ft locked and beginning together with your torso farther up the bench, slide down the bench so far as your foot lock will enable and is snug to determine tightness. This sometimes finally ends up together with your shins vertical.
  4. Tilt your hips up and again in direction of your shoulders (protecting your glutes in touch with the pad) whereas concurrently retracting and miserable your shoulders.
  5. To take care of tightness via “leg drive,” use your ft to push each down via the ground and ahead in direction of your toes (or away from you) to lock your complete physique into place. In a flat foot stance (which I like to recommend), deal with urgent down and away with the surface of your heel.
  6. Keep tightness all through the carry out of your legs to hips to shoulders.

A particular word concerning the setup: if you happen to discover it excessively tough to push each down and away from you, then your ft are possible in an incorrect place. Should you really feel you’ll be able to push down however not away, then your ft are too far in direction of your shoulders. Should you really feel you’ll be able to push away however not down, your ft are positioned too far in entrance of you.


Andrew Heming, MS, CSCS, NSCA-CPT, a former college head energy coach, professor, and coach

If you wish to compete in powerlifting, you should preserve your butt on the bench. If you will brag about how a lot you’ll be able to bench, you should preserve your butt on the bench. If you wish to know if the burden you might be including to the bar is making your higher physique develop larger and stronger, you must preserve your butt on the bench.

Methods to Hold Your Butt On The Bench:

  1. You can begin by taking part in with the place of your ft in your set-up.
  2. In case your ft are too slender or too excessive up, you’ll enhance the possibility of your butt popping up. Nonetheless, you can too use the trick I discovered years in the past to offer you useful suggestions and repair this drawback.

You should use this method together with your common bench press coaching – no particular workouts, no added time.


Chris Cooper, energy and diet coach at Nerd Health

This bench press variation is while you put a picket board or board in your chest to shorten the vary of movement. The toughest a part of bettering your bench press is getting previous sticking factors within the carry. A typical sticking level is when the bar is closest to the chest. Take into consideration the final time you struggled on the bench.

Should you shorten the vary of movement utilizing a board, you’ll be able to push extra weight, strengthening the sticking factors the place you’re struggling. You too can use the 2-Board Press when the total vary of movement presses bothers your shoulders. This manner, we will preserve getting a coaching impact with out compromising the joint.

Methods to Do It

  1. Set your self up such as you would for an everyday bench press set with the addition of getting a board in your chest.
  2. Should you’re coaching with a companion, they’ll maintain it for you; in any other case, placing it underneath your shirt works properly.
  3. Unrack the bar and decrease it to the board, and press.

The two-board press can be utilized as a major energy carry for the day rather than your scheduled bench urgent if energy is your objective. If extra muscle is the top objective, put the 2-board press in your program as an adjunct train aiming for 8+ reps.


Travis Pollen, Ph.D., train science professor and private coach

Many bench pressers’ weak level is their lockout. Two of the most effective options for attacking this weak spot are band-assisted and band-resisted urgent, which let you overload the top quality of movement (ROM).

Methods to do the Band Assisted and Resisted Bench Press

  1. Within the band-assisted variation, you place a loop resistance band round your higher arms (like a bench shirt in geared up powerlifting).
  2. The band stretches as you decrease the bar, offering numerous assist on the backside of the rep. The band means that you can use a heavier load on the bar than regular since you solely expertise the total load on the prime of the ROM when the band is minimally stretched.
  3. Within the band-resisted variation, you maintain a loop resistance band in your fingers and wrap it round your higher again.
  4. The band offers further resistance on the prime of the ROM in its stretched place. The band rigidity decreases as you decrease the bar, lightening the general load (bar plus band) on the backside of the rep.

Select one of many variations, and spend 4 to 6 weeks engaged on it as soon as per week, both as your fundamental bench variation or as an adjunct. Three working units of 6-8 reps will do the trick.




Mike T. Nelson, Ph.D., a metabolism health skilled, energy coach, and educator specializing in tailoring diet to every particular person’s wants

The pin press with ft up works wonderful in case your sticking level is on the backside or just a few inches of the underside since 1) You’re doing it with a protracted pause to scale back the contribution of the smooth tissue being in a stretched place, so the muscle has to work tougher. 2) You’re doing it with a flat again, so there’s an elevated vary of movement for a better coaching impact as an adjunct motion.

Methods to do the Pin Press With Toes Up

  1. Arrange in an influence rack with security pins on the backside place.
  2. Decrease the bar all the way down to the pins together with your ft up on the bench so your low again can also be pushed into the bench flat (no arch or leg drive).
  3. After a backside pause of 5 seconds, drive the bar up.

Greatest as an adjunct motion after the extra particular bench work is completed; this may be on the identical day or a separate day. Repeat for reps across the 5 -12 vary for two to 4 units.


Korey Van Wyk, CSCS Commerce & Skilled Acquisitions Editor for Human Kinetics

The 1.5 rep bench press can enhance your bench press in a number of methods. If you’re weak within the backside half of your press (from off the chest to midway up) will strengthen that portion of the carry and make you a extra environment friendly presser by bettering your approach. Repeating the underside a part of the carry means that you can apply hitting the correct spot in your chest and ensure your bar path is on monitor.

How To Do The 1.5 Bench Press

  1. Arrange as you normally would to your normal bench press; decrease the bar to your chest, however as a substitute of urgent all of it the best way up, you’ll press it midway up and cease. On the midway level, pause for at the very least one second. That is an important facet of the carry as it is going to power you into correct wrist/elbow alignment and bar path.
  2. As for the precise stopping level on the best way up, you may have a little bit wiggle room. It doesn’t need to be precisely midway up, however the place you’re feeling you’re the weakest within the ROM of your press. After the pause, decrease again all the way down to your chest and pause once more. This second pause is one other approach checkpoint, as defined above. Lastly, after the second pause, explosively drive the bar off your chest to lockout.

Certainly one of my favourite methods to include this motion right into a program is within the warm-up. Reasonably than mindlessly pumping out reps a lighter weights, use that point to refine your approach and heat up concurrently. Use it till you get to a weight that might trigger you to get uninterested in the variety of reps you’re doing. Then change to common reps for the rest of your warm-up and work units. That alone might be the spark you want for brand spanking new positive aspects!




Dr. Bo Babenko, a bodily therapist and energy coach specializing in strengthening the thoughts, physique, and soul

So, you’re able to take your bench press to the subsequent degree? The idea of torque is one which any physicist will certainly go on for about hours, however it’s generally missing within the extra superior levels of energy coaching. I’ve heard of high-level lifters, who’ve set world data, and use the idea of torque.

Understanding these ideas can result in improved shoulder mechanics and fewer harm. Getting higher at “separating the bar“ is low, hanging fruit you’ll be able to construct in as you progress your pushing potential.

Methods to do It:

  1. If you bench press, it’s merely rotating your thumbs out away from one another, which will also be considered supination ( like holding a bowl of soup in your palm).
  2. With the elbow straight, that is known as the exterior rotation of the shoulder.

Performing this, you enhance the soundness and energy of your shoulder. Embody these in your warm-up to prime the muscular tissues with three units of 12 reps with any weight underneath 90%, and take into account together with this between units that construct up towards maxes or weights above 90%.